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Now with Hessati , private classes are much easier, much simpler!
For all educational levels, training and development, or art lessons, wherever you are.. whenever you want..
Hessati app is your best way to access best teachers and trainers
Our experienced academics will turn your education into a pleasure!

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Students or parents, with simple steps, you can start now to download

the Hessati application and take advantage of all its features

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You can download Hessati application and use it on all Android and iOS mobile devices
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Create a new account using your phone number and add basic information like education level, address, etc.
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ind a teacher and contact him with your request to start your first class at your place face to face or via remote communication
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Congratulations! You have completed your first lesson. You can now choose a method and complete your payment
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We make efforts to improve the app.. Rate your experience and share thoughts that will make Hessati an amazing application!

What are the application features?
In addition to being the first of its kind in the Kingdom and the region,
Hessati app is distinguished by several points, some of them are..

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Simple and flexible.. No more complication!
User-friendly interfaces that enable you to complete the process in quick steps, in addition to a technical support team to help you around the clock

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Economical and practical.. Options that fit your budget
Get competitive quotations, you can start with your budget according to your requirements .. Browse the list of suggestions and choose the best match for your needs

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Continues communication .. Share all your thoughts
The ability to communicate via voice call or chat, audio recordings, or even video calls, all methods of communication provided to you in one place

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Keep track of your teacher.. All details live and updated
Hessati allows you to keep track of all details related to your class, the teacher's location, the estimated time of arrival and much more

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Ease of payment .. Pay the way that suits you
With many options available and the ability to use different payment methods, such as payment in cash or using electronic cards

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Qualified cadres .. We only work with the best
All teachers and trainers on Hessati app lists are highly qualified and experienced. They are only selected after evaluating their academic qualifications, experience level and skills

Students Rates
Highly experienced academics
Students Rates
Highly experienced academics

User Guide

You can download Hessati application now and start using it by following the guided steps that will appear at the first launch .. If you face any problem, do not forget to contact the support team and they will help you immediately!

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