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Now with Hessati , private classes are much easier, much simpler!
For all educational levels, training and development, or art lessons, wherever you are.. whenever you want..
Hessati app is your best way to access best teachers and trainers
Our experienced academics will turn your education into a pleasure!

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Why Hessati?

With Hessati application, reaching more students has never been easier... Download and activate the application and start receiving requests at your place, take advantage of your free time and earn money while online...
Hessati application works on modern and developed technologies that allow you to receive orders automatically and in an organized process
Start your journey now and take advantage of the wonderful features of the Hessati application, as we have prepared for you everything you need as a teacher to share your knowledge with students, or even trainees.

Hessati is approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment and officially listed on a Maroof website as well

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High ratings will guarantee you a place on the list of top 10 rated teachers in the app

High ratings will guarantee you a place on the list of top 10 rated teachers in the app


With simple steps, you can now start by downloading Hessati application and take advantage of all its features..
Start offering your services to thousands of users looking for you!

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You can download Hessati application and use it on all Android and iOS mobile devices
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Create a new account using your phone number and add basic information like experience level, skills, etc.
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Add the services that you can provide and the places that you can reach to start your first class, face to face or via online classes
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Congratulations! You can now start receiving and approving requests. Complete your first class and receive more requests
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Now, receive your wages. Rate your experience and share thoughts that will make Hessati an amazing application!

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You can download Hessati application now and start using it by following the guided steps that will appear at the first launch .. If you face any problem, do not forget to contact the support team and they will help you immediately!

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